08 March 2023
International Women’s Day!

International Women's Day!

Its Ben the MD here, As today (8/3/23) is International Women’s Day I thought it was high time I wrote some words of appreciation for the women around me…past, present and future!

From the start of my career in social care recruitment 12 years ago I found out rather quickly that we are in a WOMEN’S WORLD!

From the mothers we have that love, care and enable us (and our children) to be good people, to the career driven colleagues and bosses that set a high standard for hard work and dedication that us blokes struggle to keep up with (if we are honest)

To Me To You Support Ltd, and me personally has hundreds of women to thank for our success, first and foremost our 90%+ female workforce of support workers and care assistants, they are EVERYTHING to our existence as a company, the job they do is incredibly hard, they working very unsociable hours for a wage that falls short of their dedication to helping vulnerable people.

why over 90% female staff? blokes cant hack the hard work of this sector! (As a bloke myself I feel its ‘ok’ to say this haha)

Next shout out has to be some of the AMAZING ladies that RUN this company, Abi, Leah, Jodie, Ellie, Victoria, and next week we add Nat and Emma to the Lancashire office team! without their hard work and dedication I would be out of a job within a week!

then there is ‘mum’ , if you are fortunate enough to still have yours around you, as I am, then please take a moment to think about EVERYTHING they have done, do do, and will do for you in the future! Dad’s are ace sure…..but mum’s are the backbone of the family.

And not forgetting my wife who not only puts up with me and my job but does everything for our two kids while being in an extremely pressured full time job as a primary school teacher!

So to summarise…where would we ALL be without our mother’s, wife’s, partner’s, sister’s, daughter’s, aunties, colleagues, bosses….


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